Stalker - Application

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Stalker's Current DEFIANCE application


Real Name
Jason Reeves  
Seattle, Washington  


Started wrestling when Superior Championship Wrestling began. Began in the low end matches but quickly worked his way up the ranks winning the SCW TV title then winning the Heavyweight championship. Thought to be a good time for Stalker he lost the Heavyweight title less then a few weeks later and went into an exile that changed his personality forever. When he remerged he was a hardcore addict. He then won the hardcore championship which he held for a long time until he regained the world championship. He defeated a few known superstars such as Matt Morris, Reaver and Superstar Johnny Blaze. He lost the title the same night he injured his neck to Johnny Blaze in one of their many encounters. He returned again but the only highlight that occured during that comeback was his world championship fight against Rocko Daymon. Having the title in his grasps literally, in a ladder match, his tag team partner 'Mr. Everything' Devon Jackson distracted him costing him his third World Title reign. Being humiliated after that incident. Stalker left SCW for a short while trying to start up his own federation 'Insanity Wrestling Federation'. Two brief stints being the president of IWF under his real name of Jason Reeves made him known as not only a hardcore ICON but a viable business man on the face of wrestling. He did make one last come back to SCW with his best friend through all of this Gravedigger. They together formed Hardcore Hellions and won the tag team titles almost immediately after arriving. Then Stalker vanished after they were finally defeated for the titles. No one knew where Jason Reeves was or where he went to. He has been a ghost ever since. 
Other Feds
IWF Former Owner, SCW, EPW  
Stalker is a returning former wrestler. He has a long history in EPW, a grudge to hold against some former and/or current DEFIANCE members. Some would call him a psychopath, an arrogant old man, or an anarchist.

Jason Reeves (Stalker's real name) has a view on the world and reality that differs from those around him, he marches to a beat of his own drum, his 'thought process' is inherently unique to himself and has a tendency to repeatedly remind people that they exist only because he allows them to.

There is a lot on Stalker's mind and his absence from the game is completely undermining any future he may have thought he would have outside of the ring. The Kabal is calling. 
Endurance of a hardcore legend
Creative and relentless
Years of experience 
Unhinged methods gets him in trouble often
Arrogant and bullheaded
Easy to obsess and lose sight on real threats 

Fed Info

Fed Awards
Fed Titles
SCW World Championship x2, SCW World Television Title, SCW Hardcore Championship, SCW Tag Team Championship x2, EPW IC Champion, EPW Tag Team Champion  

Wrestling Info

Entrance Music
'This Link is Dead' by Deftones  
Physical Description
6'1 235 lbs.
Current appearance: Bald headed, blue eyes, grizzled veteran look, very middle aged (late 40's), toned muscles.

Typical out of ring attire and in ring attire: black wife beater, black wrestling pants, black boots.

Noticeable features: Scars on his face and upper chest. No tattoos.
Ring Attire
See above - Ring attire is the black wife beater and black wrestling pants, black boots. Occasionally he'll wear the ring attire that Codename Reaper wore to the ring, the black almost body armor style she carried as the masked wrestler. However, this is done rarely - and only when with other Reapers or in a surprise attack situation. 
Wrestling Style
Technical Brawler, Weapon User, cheater. Stalker relies on quick, easy to deliver moves while leveraging objects or spaces around him to 'enhance' his moves. Chaotic creative inventive wrestler.  
Finisher Move
Finisher Description
High Impact DDT  
MDK Finisher
His World  
MDK Description
Harlem Hangover  
3-5 Signature Moves
1) Drop Toe Hold (into a chair if available.)
2) Front Face Russian Leg Sweep
3) Moonsault (rarely)
4) SharpShooter
5) Rolling Suplexes (Smaller opponent, last suplex is a Fisherman Suplex.)
6) Snapmare, followed by a run against the ropes and boot to the back of the head 
Common Holds/Maneuvers
1) Dropkick to the knee
2) Russian Leg Sweep
3) StunGun
4) Sleeper Hold (Variety)
5) Bodysplash into the corner
6) Hanging Suplex
7) Neckbreaker
8) Eye poke
9) Flurry of uppercuts
10) Boots to the face while in the corner until broken up
11) Running bulldog 


  • Welcome to STALKER'S WORLD!!!!!
  • False Heroes fear me the most - the man who will tell them straight to their face that they are better in the dark than in the light.
  • The thing that people forget the most about me? I am the fucking puppet master.
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