Ulf Hednir

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The basic biography of Ulf Hednir

Real Name: Ulf Hednir

Wrestler Name: Ulf Hednir

Nickname(s): The Berserker; The Heathen; Son of Thor; The Lone Wolf

Pic Base: Alexander Ludwig


Gimmick: Just a young up-and-comer, looking to make a name for himself while striving for competition. Wrestler and MMA fighter.


Height: 6’5”

Weight: 243 lbs.

Date of Birth: November 19, 1996


Place of Birth: Oslo, Norway

Currently Residing: Odda, Norway; secondary home in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Entrance Theme: “Raise Your Horns” by Amon Amarth; will also use “Crack the Sky” by Amon Amarth.


Wrestling Style: All-around. Focuses on technical, striking, and power.


Finishing Moves:

  • The Thor Punch / Superman Punch
  • Blood Eagle / Widows Peak
  • Gleipnir / Japanese Stranglehold


Signature Moves:

  • Berserker Bulldozer / Blackhole Slam
  • Clothesline from Valhalla / Clothesline from Hell
  • Valhalla Driver / Death Valley Driver


Other Information: Athletic; is a showman, and tends to showboat to the crowd often. Does not always have great ring awareness and may result in an opponent getting a rope break. Refers to his fan base as “The Ulfpack” — you can find the group on Efedder. 


Ulf Hednir 2 yrs

I am willing to talk about one-offs, and/or joining as part-time or full-time.