Interstellar Gemini Tournament

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This will be a multi-night tournament to crown the first Splat Interstellar Gemini Champions.

The initial portion of the tournament will begin in April and will be consist of a Gemini-1 (G-1) style tournament where every team will face every other team in the tournament to gather points. 

The four top-scoring teams will move on to Red Blood Cell to compete in the semi-final and finals for the tournament, with the finale being held inside the confines of a Prison Break match. It'll be the first-ever tag team Prison Break match.

The tournament will be based primarily on randomizations. From the order of participation to the results. As with other Splat events, there will be an opportunity to gain an advantage by Twitter/Efedder participation. 

The initial tournament will be in summary format with the matches held at Red Blood Cell having more detail. 

Initial tournament: April 4-29

Red Blood Cell: May 16.

Signups are located at:!AuW2H1yCTT....X6k9RHCQymMOPRmnYDdw