Permission To Land

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After a wonderful four months, Matt Robinson decides to take his relationship with Jenni Taylor to the next level, but will she accept?

The scene opens as we see a black 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT pull up onto the driveway of the home belonging to Emilie and Jenni Taylor and it comes to a stop. The engine is then switched off and the driver’s door opens and outsteps Matt Robinson who is dressed in a pair of black rocker boots, a pair of light blue denim jeans, a black Hatebreed T-shirt and a black leather jacket. He walks up to the front door of the house and knocks on the door three times before turning away from the door briefly to take a few drags from his electronic cigarette. After a few moments, the door opens and he is greeted by Emilie who is dressed in a colourful flowery blouse, a pair of white pants and a pair of white shoes.


Matt Robinson: Hi, Mrs. Taylor.


Emilie Taylor: Well, hello Matt. And how are you, sir?


Matt Robinson: I’m well, thank you, ma’am. How are you?


Emilie Taylor: I am well, Mister Robinson, thank you. 


Robinson smiles and nods.


Matt Robinson: I actually stopped by to ask you something. May I come in? If it’s not too much trouble?


Emilie steps back and waves him inside. 


Emilie Taylor: Of course, please…


Matt Robinson: Thank you.


Robinson enters the house, closing the door behind him and follows Emilie into the living room where she offers him a seat and he takes it as she sits down on the chair adjacent to him. The retired wrestler takes a deep breath and shifts slightly so he’s facing Emilie a little more.


Matt Robinson: So, I’ve been dating your daughter now for over four months and… honestly I’ve kinda made a bit of a bad habit of rushing into the relationships that I’ve been in previously. I don’t know if it’s because I fall for who I’m with quickly… because I’m afraid of losing them or…


He shrugs a little.


Matt Robinson: The thing is, Mrs. Taylor… I love your daughter very much… and with how quickly you and the rest of her family have accepted me and… the fact that my kids are already calling her Mama Jenni and calling you Grandma Emilie?


Robinson reaches into his jacket pocket and places a small box on the table in front of him and opens it to reveal an engagement ring.


Matt Robinson: I’ve come to ask for your permission to take your daughter’s hand in marriage.


Caught off-guard, Emilie stares for a second.


Emilie Taylor: You are… quite certain of this?


Robinson nods as he picks the box back up before closing it and returning it into his pocket.


Matt Robinson: Never been more certain about anything in my life, ma’am. And I know this may seem rather quick, but Jenni has been the best thing to ever happen to me since my kids were born. I also know that you’re probably worried about how she’ll take it because of what happened to Jackson, but you yourself have seen how happy she has been these last few months. I’m certainly not trying to replace Jackson, that’s not my intention at all. Jackson was a great man. I just want your daughter to be happy, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.


Emilie nods and then embraces him.


Emilie Taylor: God bless you, Sir!  You have been a wonderful surprise in all of this and I would be delighted to call you “son-in-law.”


Robinson reciprocates the embrace.


Matt Robinson: Thank you, Mrs. Taylor. I promise that I will continue to do my best to make Jenni happy and I hope I get to call you my “mother-in-law” soon.


The two break away from their embrace before both standing to their feet as Robinson let’s out a brief sigh of relief.


Matt Robinson: Well… I best be on my way and start getting everything prepared. I’ve already invited her to my place for dinner tonight and she told me she was going out shopping for a new dress, which was why I knew I had the opportunity to come and ask for your permission.


Emilie nods to him.


Emilie Taylor: And so you have it, freely and happily given to you. 


Robinson smiles and nods, embracing Emilie for a second time.


Matt Robinson: Thank you again.


The former World Champion breaks away from the embrace and Emilie walks him to the front door as the scene fades.


Later that day...


The scene re-opens to the inside of Robinson’s home as he adds the finishing touches to the dining room table with the lighting of a candle. He’s now dressed in a smart short sleeved plain black button up shirt, a fresh clean pair of dark blue jeans and a pair of smart shoes, going for the smart-casual look. The doorbell then rings as he quickly grabs a large bouquet of roses and walks over to the door and opens it and is greeted by Jenni who is wearing a beautiful red dress.


Matt Robinson: Hi. Wow… you look… stunning.


Jenni blushes. 


Jenni Taylor: Flatterer…


Matt smiles as he steps aside, allowing her to enter his home before he hands her the flowers.


Matt Robinson: These are for you.


Jenni Taylor: Oh, they’re beautiful!  Thank you!


Matt Robinson: You’re welcome.


Matt motions towards the dining room and Jenni walks in and is greeted by the set table with the lit candle. Robinson then pulls out one of the chairs, allowing Jenni to take her seat and then he takes the flowers from her.


Matt Robinson: I’ll put these in some water.


He quickly disappears into the kitchen and places the roses into a glass vase before then picking up two glasses with a prawn cocktail in both of them and brings them into the dining room. He places one down in front of Jenni and then sits down at the table beside her and puts his own down in front of him.


Matt Robinson: Well, I hope you’re hungry because we’re starting with a prawn cocktail as you can see and then we have a seafood carbonara for the main course and some sticky toffee pudding for dessert.


Jenni smiles. 


Jenni Taylor: Sounds wonderful. 


Matt grabs the bottle of white wine in front of him and opens it before pouring a little into Jenni’s glass.


Matt Robinson: Now unfortunately, I’m not exactly a wine connoisseur… I just know that white wine goes better with seafood so hopefully I bought a good bottle if you’d care to give it a try?


Jenni Taylor: Certainly!


Jenni takes a small sip of her wine and nods with a pleasant smile and so Robinson fills her glass before doing the same with his. Putting the bottle down, he then lifts his glass of wine up to Jenni.


Matt Robinson: To new beginnings.


Jenni reciprocates.


Jenni Taylor: To new beginnings. 


The two clink their glasses together before taking a drink before they both begin to tuck into their meal as the scene fades.


A few hours later...


The scene re-opens a few hours later as it’s clear from the clean dessert bowls that they’ve long finished their dinner and have been chatting and laughing. Robinson finishes off his glass of wine and clears his throat before placing his hand on top of Jenni’s.


Matt Robinson: Jenni? There’s something I’d like to say to you.


Jenni nods seriously, her attention on him completely.


Matt Robinson: These past four months have been the best four months I’ve had in a long time. From your Mum and other members of your family accepting me into their lives to you and them accepting my kids into your lives as well.


He lets out a short and sharp chuckle to mask his nerves.


Matt Robinson: You make me happy and I love and cherish every moment we spend together and I want to spend more of that time with you. I hope I make you happy as well and… I want to continue making you happy for the rest of my life…


Matt now stands up before reaching into his pocket and then proceeds to drop to one knee and opens up the small box in his hand, revealing the engagement ring.


Matt Robinson: Jenni? Will you marry me?


Covering her mouth in shock, Jenni allows a small gasp to escape her lips.


Jenni Taylor: Oh my God…


She stares at the ring and then back at Matt before nodding.


Jenni Taylor: Yes!


Jenni shoots to her feet as Robinson quickly stands back up and the two embrace before partaking in a long passionate kiss. After breaking away from the kiss, Matt takes the ring from the box and places it onto Jenni’s left ring finger and the two embrace again.


Matt Robinson: You’ve just made me the happiest man on the planet. I love you, Jenni.


Jenni Taylor: I love you, Matt!


The two kiss again before re-taking their seats and Jenni immediately takes out her phone and starts a video call, presumably to the members of her family to inform them of her huge news as the scene fades.