Warhandle coming to Five Boroughs Wrestling!

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The former CKP show will be making a return to screens under the 5BW brand

New York, New York - March 3rd, 2022

Dave Holmes has officially struck gold. Starting on April 3rd, Warhandle will be returning under the 5BW banner and going to the end of Season Three and beginning again in Season Four. This will be a weekly show, showcasing the talents and showing what 5BW is about.

"We have tremendous talent on our roster" Holmes said. "I know when 5BW first started back in 2019, Dora opened until a bi monthly show format and moved to monthly shows. If we are putting talent on there, and only having this, how can we highlight our promotion with putting less shows?"

Warhandle will be produced from the 5BW Facility in Manhattan, New York, but will keep on traveling to their locations for big shows.