"U.M.F." Lara Bratton

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Generalized Application for Lara Bratton.

Full Real Name: Lara Bratton
Ring Name: “U.M.F.” Lara Bratton
Nicknames: None
Twitter Handle: @larabrattonarc
Age/DOB: 35
Height: 5’7
Weight: 175
Birth Place: Bovill, Idaho
Current Residence: In Transit
Alignment: Face, leaning Tween
Gimmick: What's a gimmick?
What Type Of Contract Are You Seeking: Permanent
Entrance Theme: “Straightjacket Supermodel” - Eve To Adam
Entrance Description:

Eve To Adam - "Straitjacket Supermodel" (Official Explicit Video) - YouTube

♫♫♫ I've got a plan. I know the game
♫♫♫ I cross the line and things will never be the same
♫♫♫ It's gotta be right, it's gotta be clean
♫♫♫ I gotta cover all the spaces in between

As the singer begins to sing, the arena lights up like it's a pop concert with strobe-lights, a disco ball and multi-colored lasers beaming around. Seo-Hyung Kwon, Attorney At Law steps out onto the stage. She's dressed in a business suit, gray in color complete with slacks, a white button up shirt and a gray jacket. She carries a briefcase as she looks back towards the entrance, waiting for her client to come through.

♫♫♫ Because I want to be someone (someone you want to be like)
♫♫♫ One of a kind (just do it if it feels right)
♫♫♫ Fucking contagious (living in the limelight)
♫♫♫ Out of my mind

The singer continues to sing the lyrics as Lara Bratton steps out onto the stage with a grin on her face and a flask in her hand. Kwon takes the flask from Lara's hand, shaking her head as the lawyer begins to walk down the aisle towards the ring.  Gone is the black that Lara used to wear, and she is wearing a cheetah print gear with a skirt added around her waist. Her boots are also adorn with the same cheetah pattern.  She starts to be-bop down the aisle and takes a single lap, encouraging the fans to clap and sing as the song hits the chorus. 

♫♫♫ Cuz I am the all original, so hated that it's criminal
♫♫♫ My fame is on the throttle, straitjacket supermodel
♫♫♫ Sideways on the level, tap dancing with the devil
♫♫♫ I'm bringing down the gospel, straitjacket supermodel

 She sneaks around behind Kwon and snatches her flash back and rolls under the ropes and into the ring as the music continues into the second verse. She gets to her feet and dances over to the corner and then checks her person before realizing she left her flask on the mat and rushes over, picks it up and then rushes back as she steps onto the first turnbuckle and raises her flask high and takes a drink as the second chorus hits and she sings along, heading to the opposite corner to take another drink as her music fades as she finally hands off the flask to her lawyer.

Favorite type of match: Last One Standing
Least favorite type of match: Tag Team (she doesn’t play well with others)
Favorite Weapon: Her boot.
Professional Wrestling Debut
Independent Circuit:
Professionally: April 3, 2003

Finishing Moves:

The Punchline: Uppercut to the Jaw. (she may or may not have a foreign object in her fist)
The Retraction: Camel Clutch, with a double fishhook

Trademark/Signature Moves:

Knee to the back of the head off the top turnbuckle
Crucifix Bomb
D*ck Kick/C*** Punt

Common Moves: (Minimum of 10. No more than 20.)
Headlock into a punch on the nose.
Eye Rake/Back Rake
Hair Pull Takedown
Rope Choke/Choke
Double Chop to the Throat
Thumb to the eye
Running X-Factor
Belly to Back Suplex/German Suplex/Suplex
Second Rope Thesz Press into a choke

In-Ring Strengths: Unpredictable
In-Ring Flaws: Easily distracted.
Wrestling Style: Striker/Submission/Limited Flyer
Wrestling Attire: She wears a black top, which black boy shorts and black boots with white trim. On the backside of her shorts are emblazoned with her initials LB.

Picture Base: Session Moth Martina
Can You Help Write Matches: On occasion
Your OOC/Handler Name: Lara

Lara Bratton is the daughter of “Tattle Tail” Candi Bratton who is a former Battling Ring Angels World Champion and last year was the Mile High Wrestling Champion after a brief comeback. Lara was trained by her mother in 2003. She was small, wrestled mainly in prelims and often lost. After decided maybe she wasn’t cut out for being a wrestler, she took up the stripes as a referee. She reffed for several years before moving back to in ring competition. She was a little bigger and had been training and she was somewhat more successful and still the innocent babyface, often booed by the crowd who were starting to cheer more for the villains than the heroes.

Then she met ‘him’. Bottom line up front, he did her wrong and she was never the same. She returned to wrestling last year after the breakup with a new attitude, meaner and perhaps not all there in the mental capacity as she began to wrack up win after win. When one fed closed, she would jump to another and win. Her last major US stop was at Mile High last year when she teamed up with her mother for a match and had a match on their PPV before heading overseas. She’s come back and ready to put her name back in the mouths of others.