A Family Affair

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In Samuel's quest to find out the truth about him being Sylvia Lopez's estranged older brother, it finally comes to a head.

The scene opens as we see Samuel making his way through the forest carrying a brown envelope in his hand, after a few moments of walking, he reaches the house he is looking for - the home of Ronnie Lester, Una Quinn and the person he is mainly looking for, Sylvia Lopez. Once he reaches the clearing, the front door opens and Una Quinn comes out to greet him by giving him a hug, which kind of takes Samuel by surprise. Ronnie Lester arrives by the door and leans against the frame as Samuel and Una break away from their embrace.  While still speaking out loud, Ronnie starts signing at Samuel. 


Ronnie: (How y’all doin’, Samuel?)


Samuel looks over to Ronnie and begins to sign back.


Samuel: (Nice to finally meet you in person, Mr. Lester. I am well, thank you. I'm a little nervous ahead of today’s proceedings.)


The blonde, tattooed man then turns to Una.


Samuel: (It is good to see you again, Doctor Quinn. Thank you for all of your help with getting this arranged.)


Una nods. 


Una: (Of course, are you keen to look inside and see the results?)


Samuel nods as they make their way into their home and once they get into the living room, Sylvia Lopez is standing there waiting for them. Samuel and Sylvia share a moment staring at one another in silence before Samuel begins to sign again.


Samuel: (Hello, Sylvia.)


Una is about to speak up but then Sylvia surprises everyone by signing back.


Sylvia: (Hello, Samuel!)


Una: (You sign as well, Sylvia?)


Ronnie almost laughs. 


Ronnie: (The shit y’all learn sometimes…)


Sylvia nods.


Sylvia: (Sylvia made a friend when she was locked up in the hospital who was deaf! She taught Sylvia how to sign!)


Una nods, visibly impressed. 


Una: (Very good! Shall we have a go then?)


Sylvia looks at the envelope in Samuel’s hand.


Sylvia: (Are those the results?!)


Samuel nods as Sylvia sits down on the couch and Samuel sits down beside her and begins to open up the envelope. He proceeds to remove the piece of paper from inside and begins to read through it while Sylvia stares off into the distance. Once he is satisfied with what he has read, he hands the piece of paper to Una and then looks at Sylvia who eventually looks back at him.


Samuel: (The test results came back positive. We are brother and sister. I am sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me, Sylvia.)


Sylvia turns away from Samuel and when he tries to put his hand on her shoulder, she slaps it away and stands to her feet and so does Samuel. Sylvia then slaps him across the face and begins to scream while hitting him in the chest repeatedly with both hands while he just stands there and takes it.




A tear slowly falls down Samuel’s cheek as he continues to be struck by his sister and then finally, she stops before running out of the house towards the big tree that she calls her happy place and Una goes after her. After a few moments of silence, Samuel wipes away his tears and then turns his attention to Ronnie.


Samuel: (I apologize. I should not have come here and disturbed the safe haven that you have provided for my sister. I shall take my leave now and leave you all to live your lives. Thank you for your time.)


Ronnie puts a hand up. 


Ronnie: (Wait. Just give her time... this is a lot to process at once and you know some of the shit those places can do... she's been twice... she'll come around.)


Samuel nods.


Samuel: (If you truly believe that she will come around, then I shall wait as long as she needs. However I still believe it would be best if I kept my distance from her until then.)


Ronnie: (It ain't no problem.. we got rooms here... but if you'll feel more comfortable... our neighbor here, the one with the weird sort of backward house... he owns two more on the road there... the one is vacant, we can call him and see about settin’ you up over there if you like.  That way you'll be here but also have your own space apart... Timber's family, and as we just found out... so is you... we ain't abandonin’ y'all... )


Samuel nods again.


Samuel: (Thank you, Mr. Lester. It is greatly appreciated. If your neighbor is in agreement, I shall take the house, allowing Sylvia the appropriate amount of space necessary.)


Ronnie: (I’ll make the call.)


And with that, Ronnie makes his way over to the phone while Samuel waits as the scene fades.