ONNA - Universal Application

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This is a universal application for Onna to be used for one-off events as needed.

Onna is a highly functional woman on the autistic spectrum scale. While she is considered highly intelligent with near photographic memory, she also is very awkward when it comes to social skills. She uses all caps when using social media as it's easier for her to work on her phone.

She speaks English and Thai.

She's been training for professional wrestling under the guidance of Biff Franklin since 2021 when she turned 20, though it was against her parents' wishes. 

She recently signed with manager Seo-Hyung Kwon. 

Her wrestling skill set it considerably basic, though she has been known to watch a move and retain that information.

She is afraid of heights. She will never scale the turnbuckle; therefore, her skillset is mostly mat based wrestling moves.

She's very sportsmanlike. She will never cheat. She can be easily fooled and taken advantage of due to her innocence and trusting nature.

On an OOC note, I'm hoping to get Onna in the ring to gain some experience. I would prefer that she lose matches unless otherwise discussed in advance. I would like her first pinfall to be special so would like to build towards it.



Full Name: Onnafoil Sawinee Sripituksakul
Wrestling Name: Onna

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs

Hometown: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Theme Song: "BF" by moumoon


Snap Mare
Sunset Flip
Elbow Drop
Leg Drop
Shoulder Tackle
Atomic Drop
Cross Body

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No finisher.

Onna will always be the sportsman and shake hands before and after the match if the opponent allows. It has been drilled into her since day one of wrestling school that each match is a learning experience. When she loses, she accepts it gracefully.