About Come Build Your World
Efedder is a place for feds, handlers and characters alike. No Twitter suspensions, expulsions or silly rules. A place for feds to get the word out about their feds, recruit and build their empire; handlers can RP their characters without fear of non-existant rules cutting them off at the knees. Let's use Efedder to bring this community together.

1- Efedder

Efedder is a social media site that serves a fictional, roleplaying population. It allows the posting of status, blogs, advertisements, and profiles, similiar to most social media websites. We allow the registration of original fictional characters that will interact with other original fictional characters. 

2- Users

The majority of Efedder users are part of, but not limited to, the e-fed community. The e-fed community is based around fictional wrestling companies and competitors. These original fictional characters are typically symbolized by using images of "real life" wrestlers or celebrities, however, they are not meant to be a parody of these real individuals. Efedder serves the e-fed community but is not limited to the e-fed community.